Lemon Button Fern

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“Nephrolepis Cordifolia Duffii” 

This is the quintessential Fern and it is GORGEOUS. I love these. I’m a massive Fern fan and these guys are no exception. Super bushy fronds and just generally awesome. They’re a smaller version of the Boston Fern and are lovely and shade tolerant so perfect for brightening up a shady spot in the house or better yet, the bathroom.

12cm x 30cm


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Light : Pop it in a lightly shaded spot or perhaps one with dappled light. This one won’t want to be in full sun! 

Water: Ferns notoriously like moisture so keep the soil nice and moist but not wet. The lemon button is pretty drought tolerant but it’s best to not let him get too dry. 

Humidity: Misting is great for ferns, you can keep this guy in the bathroom or bunched up with other plants. 

Temperature: Keep him warm to keep him spiffy. 

Food:  You can feed you Fern once in the spring and then again in the summer with half strength multipurpose feed. 

Toxicity:  Your Lemon Butter Fern is not toxic for any little critters running about your house!

Dimensions 12 × 30 cm

Brown fronds mean she’s too dry. Amp up the humidity and cut off any damaged fronds.

7 reviews for Lemon Button Fern

  1. Laura (verified owner)

    Perfectly positioned in my bathroom

  2. Lettie (verified owner)

    Gorgeous plant and excellent service, even delivered on Fathers Day! Highly recommended.

  3. Kerry Allen (verified owner)

    Love this little fella

  4. Claire (verified owner)

    Gorgeous fern, full of character and looks amazing.

  5. Bernice Endacott (verified owner)

    Looks lovely

  6. Rebecca Jones (verified owner)

  7. Louise P. (verified owner)

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