Kangaroo Fern

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G’day mate. This little sweetie is a Kangaroo Fern. I like him lots. He likes moisture so we’ve included a wee mister for you to make sure you keep him in tip top condition. Unsurprisingly he’s an Aussie native. He’s not a massive plant and will only grow to 12” in height, however he’s a bit of a spreader and could be as wide as 4 ft on maturity. You would have quite a while to wait for him to get to 4ft so don’t panic about him out growing your spot too soon! Also, if you name him Skippy I won’t be mad 🙂

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Light : He is shade tolerant but would appreciate some indirect light. If his growth is stunted then find him somewhere a little brighter, just keep him out of hot direct afternoon sun. He won’t like that one bit. 

Water: Don’t let your soil dry out completely. We’re talking moist but not wet. They like moisture and won’t appreciate soil that is dry. 

Humidity: A rainforest dweller this chap likes it moist, putting him in the bathroom, grouped with other plants or putting that mister to good use will keep him sweet.

Temperature: Definitely keep him out of a draught, but your normal warm household temperature will be fine. He’s not frost tolerant and does like an ambient temperature. 

Food:  When you start seeing new growth in the spring you can begin to feed your Kangaroo Fern monthly with diluted fertiliser. 

Toxicity: Pet and baby friendly!

1 review for Kangaroo Fern

  1. Mr S. (verified owner)

    Very thirsty chap, but loving the humidity of the bathroom, great condition.

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