Hoya Carnosa Tricolor


This is the first of what I assume will be lots of Hoya (I realised I typed this when we have had Kerrii in for the last few weeks  – but hey… ) at elk + forrest. They are really easy to look after plants and their star shaped waxy blooms are just beautiful. In true e + f style, the leaves are super pretty with a range of colours from cream, green and pink. They are a trailing plant that will look great on a shelf or in one of our macrame hangers.

These guys come in a 12 cm pot.


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Light : Nice bright light will keep your Hoya spick and span.

Water: Let the top of the soil dry out between waterings in the summer months and in the winter, back away a little and let the soil dry out completely between waterings.  

Humidity: You shouldn’t need to mist your Hoya but you can to keep it dust and mite free and if it’s looking a wee bit crispy.

Temperature: Your normal household temperature will keep her happy. 

Food:  You can feed your Hoya bi-weekly in the warmer months with diluted fertiliser.

Toxicity:  Hoya are not considered toxic but if your critter ate your whole plant it would probably throw up :/

Dimensions 12 × 20 cm

If your Hoya isn’t flowering then it might need more light. Pop it in a window and see how it goes.


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