Homalomena Maggy

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Oh Maggy, what a love. This is a completely new plant for us, she is an aroid and is closely related to Philodendrons. I absolutely love her. She is also known as a Queen of Hearts and it’s easy to see why. Her heart shaped, veined leaves balance delicately on pretty red petioles.

She’s a lovely size, sitting in a 17cm pot and is 70cm tall.

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Light : This lovely won’t want to be in bright light – find her some partial shade and she’ll be spiffy

Water:  She likes her soil moist, not wet. Let the very top of the soil dry out before you water her. Use room temperature water. 

Humidity: Maggy is a tropical plant so will love some humidity. You could grab yourself a mister, or group her with your other plants or pop her in the bathroom or kitchen.

Temperature: Not frost tolerant. Keep ambient to warm.  

Food:  You can feed Maggy during the growing season which is spring/summer every couple of weeks with diluted fertiliser, and once a month in the winter. 

Toxicity:  Not for nibblers!

Dimensions 17 × 70 cm

If you are getting yellow leaves that aren’t just the little lower ones dying off , then you’re probably overwater. Let her dry out some before you water again.

If the leaves are turning brown and crispy then she’s too dry. Try misting her to brighten her up again.

2 reviews for Homalomena Maggy

  1. Rebekah Rose (verified owner)

    What’s not to love! Maggy is beautiful. Love this plant!

  2. Anna (verified owner)

    Healthy and just right
    All the plants were great with quick and safe delivery. It’s so good to have such a good local service

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