Heuchera Indian Summer Marmalade


Ok – bare with me for this one – I’m coming in honest right now* I bought these because they literally look like Autumn in a pot and I LOVE Autumn. Putting the fire on, crisp mornings, gorgeous colours everywhere… BUT – it seems these guys are predominantly outdoor plants and little hardy fellas at that.

The colours of the leaves are just so Autumnal, beautiful reds, yellows and oranges. They’re amazing in the flesh! And they flower too! Gorgeous.

They enjoy a period of dormancy – meaning they like getting cold in the winter. So I’m thinking – either pot it outside if that’s your jam… or you know that one cold spot you’ve got in the porch – or the conservatory that needs some fresh Autumn cheer? Voila… this is your plant. From what I’ve read they like a good dose of sun, they’re hardy as, and I would honestly water them with rain water – when it rains. (Don’t water it if the soil is already moist)

*I was sold these as indoor plants, and I think it would be a lovely addition to your home – people DO have them indoors – but I’m an honest gal so don’t want to sell something without the details!

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Dimensions 15 × 25 cm


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