Heart Leaf Fern


‘Hemionitis Arifolia’

Who doesn’t love a heart shaped leaf? I was so happy to find this heart shaped fern. It’s really unusual looking for a fern and I think it’s pretty cool. It’s quite a slow grower which makes it perfect for a small space – especially a small bathroom. The little hearts sit on really delicate dark fronds and it’s just magical – it looks like it could be from a fairy garden.

This babe comes in a 12cm nursery pot.


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Light : Pop it in a lightly shaded spot or perhaps one with dappled light. This one won’t want to be in full sun! 

Water: Ferns notoriously like moisture so keep the soil nice and moist but not wet.

Humidity: Misting is great for ferns, you can keep this guy in the bathroom or bunched up with other plants. 

Temperature: Keep him warm to keep him spiffy. 

Food:  You can feed you Fern once in the spring and then again in the summer with half strength multipurpose feed. 

Toxicity:  Your Heart Leaf Fern is not toxic for any little critters running about your house!

Dimensions 12 × 30 cm

Yellow hearts can be a sign of too little light so assess your light situation. Brown/ Crispy dried out hearts could mean they’ve not been given sufficient humidity, or have been exposed to harsh light conditions. If you see that your hearts have withered this could be as a result of temperatures that are too low or if its soil is not being kept moist.


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