Ginseng Bonsai Tree

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“Ficus Microcarpa Ginseng”

I LOVE it when our lovely customers request something I don’t know anything about. It’s such a fun way to learn about new plants and to get to see them in the flesh. These guys did not disappoint. They are so insanely wonderful, with their twisty, protruding, body like trunks, and gorgeously green ficus leaves. I’m a fan.

They’re also the perfect beginner bonsai as they’re easy to look after and super tough. Plants this size are already 15 years old!!




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Light : Bright indirect sunlight will keep this guy looking awesome. They are shade tolerant and too much light will scorch the leaves. 

Water:  Water when the soil starts to dry. Be mindful to not overwater.  

Humidity: Your Ginseng Bonsai would like a little moisture, so a light misting every now and again will keep him happy. 

Temperature: This guy is not frost tolerant at all and needs to be kept above 16 degrees. 

Food:  You can feed him a couple of times during the warmer months. 

Toxicity: The leaves of this plant are toxic to pets.

Dimensions 12 × 35 cm

Leaf Drop could be down to a change in temperature. Make sure your Ginseng isn’t sat by a draft.


1 review for Ginseng Bonsai Tree

  1. Dagmar (verified owner)

    Absolutely delighted with this gorgeous, healthy bonsai tree, what a beauty!

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