Fiddle Leaf Fig Bambino


‘Ficus Lyrata Bambino’

Fiddle Leaf Figs are really having their moment right now and it’s easy to see why. Those lovely heavily veined fiddle shaped leaves are relatively easy to take care of, they just need a wee bit of dusting from time to time. The Fiddle Leaf Fig is definitely a statement plant and it’s great that we can now offer this smaller size, if you haven’t quite got the room for a big tree. The Bambino is a little more compact than the big Fiddle Leaf Fig trees, and those beautiful leaves are a little smaller, but they are no less fashionable and definitely one to add to your collection.

The Bambino comes in a 12cm nursery pot .

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Light :  Lots of bright indirect light. These lovelies could tolerate some direct morning sun too. They do really like light so a nice bright room away from the window would be perfect. 

Water:  when the top of the soil starts to dry out these guys need a drink.They like their soil moist, but not wet. They’ll be thirstier in summer, so check the soil often.

Humidity: Those lovely big leaves absorb lots of moisture so a regular misting will be very much appreciated. 

Temperature: Your warm household temperature will be fine for this guy. Don’t sit him by a draught and make sure he doesn’t get too cold. 

Food:  During the growing season (spring/summer) you can fertilise your Fiddle Leaf with weak fertiliser once or twice a month. 

Toxicity: toxic if ingested – best kept out of reach of nibblers

Dimensions 12 × 35 cm

Your fiddle leaf may need an adjustment period when moving into your home, it can be normal for a change to shock them and they might drop leaves – the same can be said if you move it to another room. 

The lower leaves can also drop when the plant is growing new leaves. This isn’t anything to worry about. 

Brown edges/dry leaves can be a humidity issue. Make sure he’s getting enough moisture. 

Soft leaves can be due to overwatering. Check the soil and adjust your watering.


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