Epiprenmum Blue Form


The blue form pothos is a really interesting plant. It’s a vine so climbs and trails like a regular pothos – it has regular tear drop pothos shaped leaves as a young plant but as it grows the leaves start to fenestrate similar to those of a swiss cheese plant. They’re a truly beautiful and very easy to look after house plant and would make a great beginner plant or add a certain classiness to a home jungle.

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Light :  These guys are shade tolerant but as with lots of plants they would much prefer bright indirect light. During winter you could give him a good bit of sun and he’d be happy. 

Water:  He won’t be too cross if you forget to water him. Let the top of the soil dry out before you do water and make sure he has lots of drainage. 

Humidity: Pothos do well in humid environments so he’ll be happy in your kitchen, bathroom or hanging around other plants. You can also give him a mist, which not only keeps him moist but also helps with dust free leaves. 

Temperature: Your warm household temperature will be fine for this guy. Don’t sit him by a draught and make sure he doesn’t get too cold. 

Food:  During the growing season (spring/summer) you can fertilise your pothos every fortnight. 

Toxicity: toxic if ingested – best kept out of reach of nibblers

This guy is pretty easy going so will probably tell you he’s thirsty if he becomes floppy. Lots of yellow could mean over watering and brown crispy tips mean he would like some more moisture. You can easily prune and propagate your pothos if he needs pulling back a bit.


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