Rosette Succulents (mixed)

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These pretty cabbage-like rosettes come in all different shades and types. There are over 150 recognised types of echeverias – it’s near impossible to pick a favourite. They’re an easy to keep little thing and boy do they reward you for pretty minimal care with a rainbow of beautiful colours. 

Pot size (cm): 10.5cm

Height (cm): 14cm

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Get these lovelies in the sun. Bright light will make them happy, the more light they get the more she’ll reward you with amazing colours, but as always be mindful of direct afternoon sun. 


They won’t be mad if you forget to water them but probably best to keep them on a good watering schedule to keep them at their best, just let their soil dry out between waterings. Water much less in the winter months if it needs. Make sure you water the soil and not the rosette itself. 


They will not thank you for extra humidity. 


Keep them warm in an ambient temperature or in a conservatory. They don’t like getting too cold. 


You won’t need to feed these babies at all. 


Pet friendly so a great addition to your menagerie.


Dimensions 10.5 × 14 cm

blue pink rose, green, pink, white

HELP! There’s something wrong with my rosette succulent!


Losing lower leaves can be quite normal, if you think you’re doing everything right then just carry on as normal. 


Soggy roots mean over watering so let it dry out before you think about watering again. If you think it’s got root rot then drop us a line to see if we can help. 

Getting a bit ‘leggy’ means it’s fighting for some sunlight, pop it in a much sunnier place.


3 reviews for Rosette Succulents (mixed)

  1. Sarah C. (verified owner)

    Lovely, healthy succulent. Gorgeous colour!

  2. Debbie (verified owner)

  3. Leann Harris (verified owner)

    I had the pink one. It’s pretty and great value.

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