Dragon Tree – Large


Ok these are MASSIVE. If you have a corner that needs a tall houseplant that needs not a lot of light or care then VOILA! Behold these wonderous dragon trees. I couldn’t get an awesome picture of them but don’t let that put you off, they are so tropical and beautiful you won’t be disappointed (if we can manage to fit them in the car to deliver them!)

This hardy beast is the perfect houseplant for anyone who claims they kill every plant they’re ever had. Spiky, tall, green. What more could you want? Oh it will clean your air too. What a good guy?! 

Also I’ve checked the price on these like 10 times… no they’re just an insane bargain!

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Your dragon will like to be kept in light shade, or a bright spot just not direct sunlight because the leaves will scorch. As it’s such a tough cookie it will still grow in a dimly lit space but will grow slower, not as tall and it’s leaves won’t be as intensely coloured.


Does not like to be over watered, and it’s quite easy to do so just chill out with the watering, make sure the top of the soil is dry between waterings and you should be good to go. If you’ve put your dragon in a dimly lit place it won’t need much watering at all. 


Doesn’t require a very humid environment but if you live in a very dry house (air con or similar) then a light misting wouldn’t go amiss. 


As a lover of an ambient temperature don’t let your dragon get too cold. Lower than 10 degrees and it will become unhappy. You can give it a wee bit of a holiday in the summer and put him outside in a lightly shaded spot, just make sure you bring it in before the weather cools. 


You don’t need to worry yourself with feeding your dragon but if you feel the need to you can feed it every now and again in the spring and summer months. 


While your Dragon plant won’t hurt you it’s leaves are toxic to animals so best to keep out of fur baby reach. Cats seem to be enamoured by this spiky guy so something to consider if you have a lot of pusses.

Dimensions 21 × 125 cm


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