Dieffenbachia Camilla

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“Dumb Cane”

This pretty, leafy plant is an easy one to look after, and it’s air purifying. Variegation is very popular right now and the Dieffenbachia has it in spades. These ones are 25cm in height but they can grow up to 1 metre tall!

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Light : Bright indirect light will keep this plant happy. She will tolerate shade but only light shade. 

Water:  Let her soil dry out between waterings and then give her a really good watering.

Humidity: Your Dieffenbachia Camilla won’t be cross if you don’t mist her but she would probably prefer that you do.

Temperature: She would much prefer to be kept warm – normal household temperature should do her well. 

Food:  You can feed him with weak fertiliser once a month during the spring and summer months. 

Toxicity:  This chap is toxic if ingested and its sap can irritate the skin. Definitely one to be kept away from children and animals.

Dimensions 9 × 25 cm

Yellowing or dropping leaves can mean that he’s too cold. Make sure he is out of the draught. 

If the stem is soft and discoloured then you are overwatering him – you need to remove the affected stems. 

Brown edges can mean a watering issue. You’ll probably know which end of the spectrum you are on so adjust your watering schedule. 

Pale or scorched leaves mean you’ve given him too much sun.

2 reviews for Dieffenbachia Camilla

  1. Lettie (verified owner)

    Gorgeous plant and excellent service, even delivered on Fathers Day! Highly recommended.

  2. Ashleigh F. (verified owner)

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