Ctenanthe Burle-Marxii Amagris


This is another Never Never plant – which is very similar to a Calathea. It has beautiful fishbone patterns on the top of the leaf and deep purple underneath. It’s a really beautiful and full plant that will ‘sleep’ at night by bringing it’s leaves up together in prayer. It’s a great one for the collection if you enjoy a prayer plant.

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Your Never Never Plant is no sun worshipper. Best to house it in light shade. In the winter months you might want to bring it into some more light but keep those pretty leaves out of direct sunlight as they can fade or scorch. 


Keeping the soil moist will keep your Never Never Plant at its best. Don’t let it sit in water/soggy soil. You can let the top of the start to dry out before you water it but don’t let it get completely dry. Water less often in winter. 


Never Never Plants hail from the Brazilian jungle so they LOVE moisture. You can keep her in your bathroom or perhaps group it with other plants. A mister will help to keep her happy and healthy. Mist with tepid/warm water to recreate that jungle vibe. 


Don’t let your Never Never Plant get cold. They like it warm. Anything above 16 degrees is fine. Avoid giving your Never Never Plant a chill by keeping her away from draughts. 


Never Never Plants will fare just fine without extra food but you can treat her to a monthly meal of diluted fertiliser if you fancy. 


Pet friendly so a great addition to your menagerie. 

Dimensions 14 × 25 cm


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