Crocodile Fern


I knew when I ordered this one that it had fronds that looked like crocodile skin but when it arrived – the fronds actually look like they’re made from crocodile skin. They’ve got this real leathery shiny look to them and they’re amazing. This one is definitely a conversation starter and is firmly on our weird list – but in the best possible way. These plants are also epiphytes which mean they grow attached to another plant, so usually stuck on to the side of trees. They like moisture and they’re pet safe !

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Light : Bright indirect light will be best for this fern. 

Water: Try watering your fern once a week in the warmer months and once every 2 / 3 weeks when it’s cooler

Humidity: Misting is great for your Elk horn – focus misting on the underside of the fronds. He will also love to be anywhere that is humid, so in the bathroom or hanging out with other plants. Because he will absorb moisture through his fronds if you keep him extra humid you wont need to water him as much. 

Temperature: He is pretty cold hardy but would prefer to be in an ambient temperature. 

Food:  You can feed you Fern monthly in the spring and summer months. 

Toxicity:  Your Elk Horn Fern  is non toxic for any little critters running about your house! 

Dimensions 12 × 30 cm


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