Cowboy Cactus (Large)


‘Euphorbia Acrurensis’

If you’re after a show stopping cactus this guy will fit the bill. He’s a good size at 60cm high – and has that proper cactus look about him. Very easy to look after but does have some specific watering requirements that are worth reading about. He’s a fast growing – and can grow up to 8feet!! – so if you’re looking for a large  cactus then this is your guy.

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Arrives in a 17cm nursery pot.

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Light :  These guys love light – they’re native to the desert so they’re used to being in the sun. He wouldn’t mind being put outside either. He would do ok in a bit of shade but will require bright sun at least once a day. 

Water:  Cactus are usually drought tolerant but this guy would like to be watered a little more often. You could start by watering him about once a month – you definitely want his soil to dry out before you do water him – just be mindful that you water around the pot, and not at the base of your cactus, you don’t want to give him root rot. During summer he will need watering more often and a lot less in winter. Check the soil before you water. 

Humidity: Your normal household humidity will serve him fine. The humidity in your home will have an effect on how often he’ll need watering – so keep that in mind. 

Temperature: Desert’s are notoriously hot in the day but they do cool down quite considerably at night. Your cactus isn’t frost tolerant but he’ll be fine to chill in your normal house temperature. Don’t sit him by a heater or an AC unit – he won’t like the draft. 

Food:  During the growing season (spring/summer) you can fertilise your Cowboy Cactus with diluted cacti feed monthly.

Toxicity: The milky latex/sap inside this cactus is toxic. If your cactus gets a cut keep out of reach and handle with care.  

Dimensions 17 × 60 cm

A leaning cactus is usually leaning towards the light. Make sure he’s getting ample light – you could rotate every time you water to make sure you have even growth. 

Shedding leaves are pretty normal. New ones will grow back soon.


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