Cordyline Fruiticosa Kiwi


‘Good Luck Plant’

The fun is in the foliage with this lovely. A gorgeous tropical plant that can grow up to a metre tall. The leaves are streaked with green, yellow and hot pink. They are known to produce pink flowers in the summer followed by purple berries – but these guys are definitely grown and owned for their beautiful fruity hued leaves. Add a pop of colour to your home jungle and clean the air in your house too.

This comes in a 12 cm pot.

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Light :  Lots of bright light will keep those leaves looking their best. So pop these guys in the sun. 

Water:  Keeping the soil moist will keep your Cordyline happy, once the top cm or so of the soil starts to dry out then you’ll need to water. Water less in winter and keep an eye on the moisture levels in the soil and adjust your watering schedule.

Humidity: As this is a tropical plant, offering a regular misting will keep your lovely plant growing happily. 

Temperature: This plant is not draught or frost tolerant. Keep it somewhere warm.

Food:  Feed weekly during the summer. 

Toxicity: The leaves are slightly toxic, your little muncher would have to enjoy a whole feast of them to get ill. 

Dimensions 12 × 40 cm

If your Good Luck plant starts losing it’s leaves then reassess your misting routine and make sure your plant is nice and toasty and not near a draught.


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