Copper Spoons

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This guy didn’t even make it to the conservatory, I HAD to have one. (sorry Jamie – the one in one out rule has 100% been ignored)

First of all it’s got velvety leaves. Oh YES PLEASE!! This is because it’s got little furry hairs that are the most wild range of orange and brown. They’re super easy to look after. They like sun and don’t mind a bit of drought. Oh and it flowers… I mean…



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Light : This one is going to need lots of light. 

Water:  This fella is used to drought conditions so be really mindful to not overwater him. Let the soil dry out before you reach for the watering can. Bottom water by filling a saucer or similar with water and sitting him in it – pot and all. 

Humidity: You don’t need to worry about any extra humidity. 

Temperature: Should be fine in cooler temps. Like with any plant keep him out of the way of a draft. 

Food:  You can feed him once in the spring/summer with cactus/succulent fertiliser. 

Toxicity:  Unfortunately this one isn’t pet safe. 

3 reviews for Copper Spoons

  1. Mr S. (verified owner)

    Such a great colour combo and plant was in great shape!

  2. Harriet (verified owner)

    Stunning and in amazing health! Larger size than I expected which was lovely. Had to buy another for a family member as she adored it to. Carefully delivered.

  3. Prenita HarperWard (verified owner)

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