Coffea Arabica

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Ok, so this one is interesting. This little glossy guy is a Coffea Arabica plant. Thought to be the oldest species of coffee plant to be cultivated. He’s not the easiest plant to find as a houseplant, and is considered rare in its native home of Ethiopia. When planted outside, in tropical conditions they can grow into good sized trees – if you’re patient and look after this wee chap properly then you might see some white blooms come spring followed by berries that start out green and eventually turn black. The two seeds that can be found in the berries are coffee beans! He will grow at a steady pace, but it might take you a couple of years to see any fruit. 

His glossy leaves are an amazing dark green and I read somewhere that this shade of green isn’t native to the UK and not often seen in plants here. The exact tone is apparently associated with energy and attention – meaning this is a pretty flawless home office plant. 

This is a tropical plant so if you can mimic its homeland then you’ll be flying.

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Light : Dappled or indirect light will make this one happy. They don’t like full sun as they’re used to being under canopy plants in the wild. 

Water: Don’t let your soil dry out completely. We’re talking moist but not wet. They like moisture and won’t appreciate soil that is dry. 

Humidity: A rainforest dweller this chap likes it moist, putting him in the bathroom, grouped with other plants or misting him will keep him sweet.

Temperature: Definitely keep him out of a draught, but your normal warm household temperature will be fine. He will grow quicker at higher temperatures but if you want to grow some coffee beans then you need to take it slow and give your plant time to mature. 

Food:  You can feed this one all year round if you’d like. Every couple of weeks in the warmer months with weak liquid fertiliser. Once the colder months arrive, cut right back – if you think he needs it you can feed him once a month, two months. 

Toxicity:  Don’t eat this plant. That is all. The only bit not toxic is the actual coffee beans.

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