Mrs Iceton

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‘Codiaeum variegatum’

Oh hello Mrs Iceton you magnificent beauty you. If you’ve got enough green in your life but you still need more plants then Mrs Iceton is right up your alley. A beautifully coloured plant that will light up any room.

Pot size (cm): 19cm

Height (cm): 60cm

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Mrs Iceton LOVES the sun and would really quite like to bask in it all day. Your efforts  will be rewarded with stunning colours. 


She will enjoy a good watering in a pot with plenty of drainage. Let the top of the soil go dry in between waterings as she won’t appreciate being over watered. 


Mrs Iceton is a tropical gal so would a good dose of humidity. You can pop her in the bathroom, a warm conservatory or even in an indoor swimming pool (if you’re swish like that). Give her going over with a regular misting


She likes the warm, so keep her warm. 17 degrees and above will keep her in best shape. 


If you want to feed Mrs Iceton then you can feed her once in early spring and then once again in late spring. 


Unfortunately she is a toxic species. So keep her away from pets and small children.

Dimensions 19 × 60 cm

HELP! There’s something wrong with Mrs Iceton!

NO COLOUR might mean she’s not getting enough light, so find her a bright window to relax in. 

GREY LEAVES could suggest that the sun she’s been sitting in is too hot and is fading the leaves. 

LEAF LOSS means poor Mrs Iceton is feeling a bit stressed, she won’t like to be moved so try and find her a good spot and leave her there.

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  1. Amy (verified owner)

    Lovely colours & I was pleased to find something leafy to go in my super sunny, south facing windows. I usually stick to sun loving succulents and cacti – so it’s been great to mix things up!

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