Clusia Princess


This lovely might be named Princess but she is a little more down to earth. A very mellow plant who will thrive in most places. She won’t be too cross with a little unintentional neglect and will hang out in your house wherever you pop her.

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Light :  She won’t really mind where you pop her but with any houseplant, bright indirect light will see her well. 

Water:  Allow the top of the soil to dry out between waterings. Always check your soil before you water.

Humidity: Most tropical house plants will do well with a bit of misting. Not only does it help with keeping leaves dust free (which is vital for photosynthesis) but also helps them to feel at ‘home’. You could also pop this plant in your bathroom, or sit it with some other plants. 

Temperature: Keep her above 16 degrees.  

Food:  During the growing season (spring/summer) you can fertilise every 2 weeks. 

Toxicity: can be mildly irritating to pets 


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