Christmas Poinsettia


It’s difficult to think about these plants without thinking CHRISTMAS. Originally from the mountain sides of Mexico, the first missionaries were enamoured by their beautiful crimson flowers that they included them in their advent celebrations and the plants have been associated with the holiday season ever since. I remember the first time I really appreciated their beauty, Jamie and I took baby Bohan on a trip to Valencia one Christmas and they lined the squares and streets and it was the most Christmassy I’ve ever felt. They were beyond beautiful. These plants are super nice, so full and the red blooms are such an amazing bright red. After the Christmas Tree these are the top plant for the Christmas season, and can be kept all year round.

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Light : Lots of bright light will keep her happy but beware of direct afternoon sun. 

Water: Err on the side of under watering. Overwatering will make her very unhappy. Let the top of the soil dry out in between watering, and reduce watering after the blooms are finished as your Poinsettia will need a wee rest after all the Christmas blooming festivities. 

Temperature: She’s not going to want to get cold, and won’t love a draft, but if you keep her ambient she’ll be lovely.

Toxicity:  This one isn’t a snack, and while it’s not going to cause any serious damage if swallowed it can cause an upset tummy.


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