Chinese Evergreen – Maria


This drama free beauty hails from South East Asia where it is used to being in the shade of bigger plants. She won’t cause you a headache and can tolerate most conditions. The variegation on the leaves of the Chinese Evergreen are up there with Calathea for decoration and beauty. A super rewarding lovely for a beginner or well seasoned plant lover.

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Light : Bright indirect light will do you just fine. The more intense the variegation the more light it will need. These guys are shade tolerant too but you might lose some of that beautiful variegation.

Water: In the summer you’ll need to water more regularly. Let the top of the soil dry out between watering.   

Humidity: Regular misting will keep this plant thriving.

Temperature: These guys can tolerate cooler temperatures, just don’t leave by a draft. 

Food:  You can feed your Chinese Evergreen monthly during the growing season. 

Toxicity:  This plant contains oxalate crystals which are an irritant. Keep away from nibblers. 

Dimensions 11 × 30 cm

Yellow leaves can be a sign of overwatering. Let it dry out before you re-water and adjust your schedule. If it’s not a watering issue then your Chinese Evergreen might need fertilising.

Brown tips can mean a sensitivity to the minerals in tap water. Try watering with rain water.


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