Cast Iron Plant


‘Aspidistra Elatior’

This wonder gets its name because – you guessed it – it’s pretty impossible to kill. You can forget about this guy and he’ll still carry on standing tall in your house. He made his big debut in Victorian houses as he could handle the lack of light. He has massive evergreen leaves that will definitely make a statement. These fellas are slow growing, meaning if you choose a space for it, he will sit in it nicely without outgrowing it or taking up the whole room.

He sits is a 21cm pot and is 90cm high.

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This is one tolerant plant. You can pop him anywhere, even in the shade. Just be weary of strong afternoon sun on his lovely leaves. 


Keep the soil moist – but not wet. When it starts to dry out, give him a drink.


Your Cast Iron plant would love a wee misting. 


You can pop this fella in your house and he’ll be happy. He’s probably not frost tolerant so make sure he doesn’t get too cold.


During the spring/summer you can feed your Aspidistra Elatior monthly with weak fertiliser. 


Totally safe for cats, dogs, children and other little nippers that may reside in your house.


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