Calathea Orbifolia (Large)

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This beauty is huge. Our biggest Orbifolia yet!

Look at those leaves? What an absolute beauty this Calathea is. She’s very sought after because not only are her leaves so impressive but she’s also air purifying AND pet friendly!

The Calathea is a species of prayer plant native to Bolivia.

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Light : She will need plenty of bright indirect sunlight to keep those beautiful leaves looking their best. Be careful of direct sunlight as it will cause the leaves to fade. 

Water:  Little and often watering will keep her in the moist soil she requires. However, she won’t want to sit in wet soil. 

Humidity: Your Calathea will LOVE moisture so she’s a perfect bathroom/kitchen plant. You can bunch her with other plants and you can give her a mist too. 

Temperature: Avoid cold draughts or sudden temperature changes. Keeping her in a warm environment will make her most happy 18 – 23 degrees should do the trick. 

Food:  You can feed her with weak fertiliser once a month during the spring and summer months. 

Toxicity:  Your Calathea Orbifolia is not toxic to your fur babies. 

Dimensions 21 × 60 cm

If the colours on her leaves are fading then she needs more sunlight – just be mindful to not pop her in sun that could scorch her. 

Yellow leaves could mean that she’s thirsty. Test the soil to see how dry it is and adjust your watering schedule. 

If she’s not growing well or her leaves are browning she needs a bit more moisture. Try giving her a shower to liven her up. Or you can offer her regular misting. 

4 reviews for Calathea Orbifolia (Large)

  1. Lisa Salway (verified owner)

    Stunning plant, in fantastic condition, and beautifully healthy. Incredibly pleased, and is fabulous in a pot that I bought for it.

  2. Lisa (verified owner)

    Another plant with stunning leaves. I have mine in my kitchen and it looks beautiful. Very happy with it.

  3. Rebecca Jones (verified owner)


  4. Emma Fletcher (verified owner)

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