Calathea Medallion


This is another outstanding prayer plant. Gorgeous, glossy, intricately decorated leaves with deep purple undersides that will show themselves when they go to prey at night. A really gorgeous pet safe option – and these lovelies have the most interesting yellow/orange flowers too.

She’s a beautiful size too she arrives in a 19cm pot.

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Light : Your Prayer Plant will like bright indirect sun however he is shade tolerant. 

Water:  Sit your Prayer Plant in moist soil – watering little and often will keep him from drying out but also will stop him from sitting in water – which he definitely won’t like. 

Humidity: A rainforest dweller; this chap likes it moist, putting him in the bathroom, grouped with other plants or misting him will keep him sweet.

Temperature:Definitely keep him out of a draught, but your normal warm household temperature will be fine. 

Food:  You can feed him sparingly with watered down fertiliser during the spring and summer months. 

Toxicity:  Happy plant, happy pet, happy kids, happy life!

Dimensions 19 × 75 cm


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