Calathea Majestica Whitestar

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Hello lovely Calathea. Our Calathea collection is growing and I think the Whitestar is up there with the most ornate. The white/green markings on the top of the leaves really stand out, they have the usual prayer plant purple underside and they will flip up at night in prayer. This is another biggie and sits in a 19cm pot. He’s not the most common of Calathea and is a great addition to any Calathea collection or this might be your gateway Calathea – ask anyone – they’re addictive.

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Light : Calathea are usually pretty good at low light spots but with any plant if you want her to grow big and strong some bright light but never direct will serve her best. We tend to keep our calathea in the shade in the conservatory but at home we give them a little more light and they seem to thrive. 

Water: Moist but not soggy soil will keep your Calathea happy. Water when the top few cms of soil start to dry out. 

Humidity: Misting will keep those gorgeous leaves growing nice and big and will also help with dust build up!

Temperature: Your normal household temperature will keep her happy. 

Food:  You can feed your Calathea in the warmer months.

Toxicity:  Non toxic, so perfect to add to your family home. 

Dimensions 19 × 75 cm

The lower smaller leaves could naturally go yellow and die off to allow the bigger newer leaves to grow so don’t worry too much about that. However, lots of yellow leaves can be a sign of over watering.

Brown crispiness of any kind can be a watering/moisture issue. Make sure your Calathea isn’t in harsh direct sun rays and has lots of moisture.

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