Caladium Mix


‘Heart of Jesus’

If you haven’t seen these guys on Instagram what rock have you been living under? They are absolutely gorgeous, big splashes of colour, funky speckles and heavy veining. Big delicate leaves on long stems give this plant some lovely movement and they will add a big vibrant tropical burst of colour to any home jungle.

These lovelies come in a 12 cm pot.

Please note you are buying one Caladium – if you have preference for which one then please get in touch and we’ll try and help you get the plant you love as best we can.

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Light : Caladium are low light tolerant but will much prefer the usual bright indirect light. Harsh afternoon sun will scorch her lovely leaves.

Water: In the summer months keep her soil moist and cut back in the winter, allowing the top few cms of soil dry out between waterings. 

Humidity: Misting will keep those gorgeous leaves growing nice and big and will also help with dust build up!

Temperature: Your normal household temperature will keep her happy. Don’t let her get too cold, or mindful of sitting her near a cold draft. 

Food:  You can feed your Caladium monthly in the warmer months with diluted fertiliser.

Toxicity:  This is not one for nibbling critters. 

Dimensions 12 × 25 cm

If she’s getting a bit leggy or lopsided, rotate her when you water to allow for even light coverage.

Crispiness is a sign of too little moisture, make sure you’re keeping things tropical by misting regularly.


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