Butterfly Palm (medium)

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This lovely is the little brother to our large Butterfly Palm. They’re our most popular palm by far, the leaves are a little more feathery than other palms, giving it a softer look – they’re also one of the top air purifying plants!

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Light : An easy going plant, this guy is shade and light tolerant, it just won’t like excessive amounts of either. 

Water:  Keep the soil slightly moist but don’t let him sit in soggy soil. Let the surface of the soil dry out a little bit before watering. Will need more water in the summer months, you can ease up in the winter. 

Humidity: These guys LOVE humidity, so great for a bathroom, kitchen or bundled together with some more plant pals. Regular misting will keep him spiffy. 

Temperature: Likes to be kept toasty warm. Your average household temperature will be fine, just don’t let it drop below 16 degrees  

Food:  You can feed him diluted houseplant food in the growing months (spring/summer) 

Toxicity: This guy is not toxic which is good news for cats, because this guy has got CAT COME PLAY WITH ME written all over it 🙂

Dimensions 12 × 50 cm

Root rot can happen if you over-water this palm so just be mindful of when you’re watering it. If it develops yellow spots try leaving your water sitting overnight before watering. Brown edges, or any crispiness usually means they need more moisture. 


Make sure you trim old, yellow, brown, leaves to keep him healthy and spiffy

5 reviews for Butterfly Palm (medium)

  1. Amanda (verified owner)

  2. Suzie Yates (verified owner)

    Love it – such a statement plant.

  3. Sue R. (verified owner)

    Very pleased with my plants.

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Lovely, healthy plant delivered straight to my door. Very happy.

  5. Kate W. (verified owner)

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