Blue Star Fern

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‘phlebodium aureum’

ok – let’s start by saying that other than the Elk Horn Fern (for obvious reasons) this is my favourite fern ever. The blue/green fronds are almost silver and so intensely beautiful. And while the leaf is full the stems on which they grow are delicate making this plant a real work of art. These are a kind of air plant, and in the wild they don’t grow in soil but rather on other trees. Naturally a rainforest dweller this plant is shade tolerant and pretty easy to look after.

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Light : Shade tolerant but wouldn’t mind a smattering of filtered light. 

Water:  As with most ferns keep the soil slightly moist. Water when the soil starts to dry out and water around the soil rather than onto the leaves. 

Humidity: Ferns love humidity so you can group this plant with some pals or give it a regular misting. 

Temperature: Normal household temperature will suit her down to the ground. 

Food:  Be weary of over feeding this plant. You can feed it occasionally during the warmer months. 

Toxicity:  Not toxic to pets. 

Dimensions 12 × 25 cm

1 review for Blue Star Fern

  1. Rebecca R. (verified owner)

    Never thought of having a fern but it’s lovely and the service from elk and Forrest was amazing from start to finish with advice on all my plants

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