Rubber Plant – el Tineke


Ficus el Tineke

Full of retro charm, a rubber plant is a great first addition to a fledgling plant collection or a wonderful low maintenance inclusion to an already hearty home jungle. What’s more this chap is one of the best air filtering plants money can buy! The leaves on the tineke are beautifully variegated and range from green, to cream to soft pink. 

Pot size (cm): 17 cm

Height (cm): 50 cm

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As with most plants, your rubber plant will appreciate a brightly lit spot without direct sun. 


Wait until the soil is dry to touch before you go mad with that fancy watering can! A pot with drainage will also be best for keeping optimum moist levels. 


This guy is happy at regular household humidity but of course who would we even be if we didn’t recommend a nice misting. (During the summer months because let’s face it who doesn’t appreciate a bit of misting in the heat.) 


Keep this guy ambient, away from a draught and he’ll be tip top. 


You don’t have to worry about feeding your Rubber Plant but you could feed during the spring/summer months every 2 weeks if the need took you. Dilute fertiliser is recommended. 


This guy is not a salad for your pets, out of reach is best.

Dimensions 17 × 50 cm

HELP! There’s something wrong with my Rubber Plant! 

If his leaves start falling off or if they start yellowing at the edges then he’s telling you he’s pretty unhappy. Maybe you’re overwatering, it’s too cold, he’s in a draught or not getting enough light. 

It’s normal for some of the bottom leaves to turn yellow and drop so don’t panic if that happens.