Asparagus Fern

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‘Asparagus Setaceus’

We love ourselves a fern over here. They are such wonderful plants with so much variety. These are unusual as house plants but grow well indoors with some attention paid to moisture. These aren’t actually true ferns but come from the Lily genus. They should be easy to look after and are fast growing.

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They come in a 12cm nursery pot

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Light : This fern likes partial shade. So a bright room with a bit of shade would probably do him best. 

Water:  You can keep the soil of your Asparagus Fern moist, just don’t let him stand in water. You don’t need to water him as much in the winter, but just don’t let him dry out completely. 

Humidity: Just like any fern this guy loves humidity. You can put him the kitchen or bathroom, group him with some other plants or make sure he gets some misting. 

Temperature: Your Asparagus Fern will be fine in normal household temperature. 

Food:  During the growing season (spring/summer) you can fertilise your fern weekly with weak solution. I would also suggest starting at ¼ of the recommended amount and maybe work your way up to half if needs be. 

Toxicity: If you’re lucky enough that your Asparagus Fern grows berries then they are inedible.

Dimensions 12 × 35 cm

Yellow droopy fronds mean he’s not getting enough light but because he’s a trickster this could also mean too much light. So take a look at where he’s hanging out and make a call if you think he needs to go one way or another.

5 reviews for Asparagus Fern

  1. Christina Scott (verified owner)

    A really nice plant, keeping my fingers crossed that it grow some berries.

  2. Ms S. (verified owner)

    A beautifully healthy and vibrant plant, obviously grown with lots of love and a whole heap of horticultural skills, was promptly delivered by a delightful, smiling woman. The plant came with tips on how to look after it to help it to continue to flourish. Perfect.

  3. Gillian D. (verified owner)

    Over the moon with this, lots of new growth coming

  4. Tracey Wills (verified owner)

    Not sure if I should, but can’t resist touching-so soft and tactile

  5. Camilla (verified owner)

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