Aloe Vera (Large)

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What a joy the Aloe Vera plant is. Not only is she beautiful but NASA reckons she’s one of the best air cleaning plants you can have. Plus the gel in her leaves have a bajillion health benefits we’re probably not allowed to list here. Superstar plant!

Pot size (cm): 10.5 cm

Height (cm): 30 cm

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She’s a bit of a sun worshipper is our Vera, but don’t let her get burned will you? Indirect bright sun will be best, but if she is in direct sunlight be mindful of scorching. 


Whatever you do, do not overwater your Aloe Vera. Try letting the soil dry out in between waterings which will take longer in the colder months. Make sure her pot has some holes in the bottom for drainage. 


Vera needs no extra misting. She’s quite happy in dry air. She will fare well in your regular household humidity. 


She likes it ambient, so keep her in a temperature you would be comfortable in. She won’t be pleased if you let her get too cold. 


Your Aloe needs no extra food. You can feed her once a year if you want to, but don’t worry about extra food at all. 


Considering all her health benefits this one is best NOT to be nibbled by inquisitive pets. If your animals are likely to chew on your Vera then maybe a plant from our Pet Safe selection would serve you better?

Dimensions 10.5 cm

5 reviews for Aloe Vera (Large)

  1. Marie C. (verified owner)

    Wonderful delivery and fantastic looking plants, really pleased. This is my second order from E&F and I am sure I will be ordering again soon.

  2. Jane Burkinshaw (verified owner)

    Honestly thrilled to bits with my beautiful Aloe vera plant and the friendly doorstep delivery – and I’ll definitely be buying more plants from Elk & Forrest.
    Thank you

  3. Amanda (verified owner)

  4. Suzie Yates (verified owner)

    So excited about finally owning my own Aloe Vera plant!

  5. Debra Ward (verified owner)

    A lovely healthy plant

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