Alocasia Cucullata


‘Buddha’s hand’ 

Often seen gracing Buddhist temples in South East Asia these tropical fellas can grow up to 4 metres in the wild! The heart shaped leaves are deeply veined and sit on very typical Alocasia stems.


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Light : Alocasia do like light – so keep it somewhere bright. Just make sure it’s away from any afternoon sun so you don’t burn it’s leaves.

Water: As soon as the soil starts to dry out you’ll want to water your Alocasia. 

Humidity: Regular misting will keep this plant thriving, try misting around the plant instead of directly onto it’s leaves.

Temperature: This is not a draught tolerant plant.

Food:  You can feed you Alocasia twice a month in the growing season.

Toxicity:  This plant is not for nibbly pets and children. 

Dimensions 12 × 45 cm

If your Alocasia is ‘crying’ then don’t worry – you didn’t upset it, it’s just the plants way of getting rid of excess moisture. The water can stain wooden and fabric furnishings.

If your Alocasia is getting a new leaf but you see another leaf dying – don’t be alarmed, this often happens with Alocasia. They get a leaf and drop a leaf. You can take a clean knife or scissors and cut the dead leaf off as close to the stem of the plant  as you can without cutting the main plant.

Crispy leaf tips is usually a moisture issue. Keep your Alocasia tropical by grouping it with other plants, or offer it some regular misting. You could also keep it in a bathroom or kitchen.


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