Albo Borsigiana Monstera – Monty


Albo Borsigiana is the rarest of Variegated Monsteras. It’s the result of one mutated plant and therefore can’t be grown from seed. All Albo plants are cuttings/clones from one mother plant hence why they’re so rare. I’m so happy to be able to offer them out to our lovely little community here and I hope you get a kick out of these guys because I sure do.

Monty is a beauty. He’s got 3 leaves with a good amount of variegation*. His lower leaf has beautiful fenestrations. The leaf stems have lots of white and green and he’s looking rather spiffy.

*Please note that the variegation on the plant IS a mutation. The white part does not make essential chlorophyll for survival. When choosing a variegated plant you want to keep in mind that too much white isn’t very healthy and an all white leaf would not survive. It’s also vey normal for very white parts of the leaves to turn brown.

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Light :Due to the nature of the variegation your Albo will need a bit more light than a usual swiss cheese plant. It needs all the chlorophyll it can get.

Water: Wait until the top 3cm of soil are dry before giving him a good drink. Water less frequently during the winter months. 

Humidity: Your Albo is a tropical fella so misting is a must. Give him some humidity and he’ll be happy as Larry. You can always give his leaves a bit of a wipe with a damp cloth when he gets dusty. 

Temperature: Anything above 15 degrees will keep your Albo feeling fresh. You can keep him as warm as 30 degrees, just don’t let him get cold. 

Food:  During the spring and summer months you can feed your Albo once a month to encourage growth. 

Toxicity:  This chappy, while amazing and really popular; he is toxic if ingested so perhaps best to keep out of reach of bitey creatures.


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