Absolutely Insanely HUGE leafed Monstera!


Holy Moly this is a thing to behold. The biggest leaves we’ve ever had over here. I’ve had A LOT of interest in these 2 plants so if you want to call one of these jungle babes yours, jump on that! 😉

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Your Swiss Cheese Plant will like bright indirect sunlight but can fare pretty well in light shade. 


Keep the soil of your Swiss Cheese plant slightly moist, not wet. A healthy watering schedule will serve him best. You can also turn him a little with each watering to ensure an even leaf growth.


Your Swiss Cheese plant is a tropical fella so misting is a must. Give him some humidity and he’ll be happy as larry. You can always give his leaves a bit of a wipe with a damp cloth when he gets dusty. 


Anything above 15 degrees will keep your Swiss Cheese Plant feeling fresh. You can keep him as warm as 30 degrees, just don’t let him get cold. 


During the spring and summer months you can feed your Swiss Cheese Plant once a month to encourage growth. 


This chappy, while amazing and really popular; he is toxic if ingested so perhaps best to keep out of reach of bitey creatures.

Dimensions 24 × 110 cm

Yellow leaves can mean a watering issue. If the soil is wet then he’s overwatered. If the edges of the yellow leaves are brown and crispy and the soil is dry then he’s thirsty. Adjust your watering schedule. 

Brown leafless root things coming from your plant are called aerial roots and they are completely normal. They are to give your plant stability. If they get out of hand you can prune them.


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